Grip Types and Effectiveness

Do you know that in tennis, there are various ways to grip your racket and each method of gripping has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Summary of Grip Types –

1.) Continental (Old style for a balanced play of volleys, flat swings and drive through – Index Knuckle on Bevel #2 )

2.) Eastern Grip (Flexible Style for all types of shots – Index Knuckle on Bevel #3 )

3.) Semi-Western (Great style for Top Spin for balls at mid-level and low – Index Knuckle on Bevel #4)

4.) Western Grip (Just for top spin for ball coming in high, bad side is difficult for normal swings below waist- Index Knuckle on Bevel #5)

5.) Hawaii Grip / Extreme Western (Extreme style – Index Knuckle past Bevel #5) )

Hand position guide on the grips as below –

Based on personal experience, each grip has its own advantages. While a player may favor a certain grip due to their own consistencies, it is also beneficial if they can switch between different grips based on the condition they’re in. Many professionals do this. However, they would have gone through the proper conditioning and training to be able to switch between grips.

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